Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let's Get Real

I was reminded this week of how many folks truly go through the motions in their relationship with God. They are content to go to church on Sunday, say all of the right Christian phrases, even read their Bible from time to time on their own...maybe. But they miss the most important thing--having and developing a relationship with God that is authentic, that is truly real and life transforming.

I believe that most folks on the outside looking in are turned off by our very lives as Christians. They are looking for authentic relationships, people living lives that have truly been transformed by the message of the Gospel.

What would it look like if all of us who have trusted in Christ as Savior would no longer be satisfied to just look like a Christian on the outside...going to church, saying "to God be the Glory," and carrying our Bible?

What would it look like if we actually believed and lived like the body of Christ....not the church, the building where we gather on Sunday, but the hands and feet of Christ? What would our communities and our nation look like if we didn't just say "to God be the Glory" but that in our relationship with Him, we lived a transformed life that was a living testimony to His redemption power in our lives...and that through our lives we really gave Him the glory. What would our families, marriages, neighborhoods, and churches look like if we didn't just carry our Bible, but each day we worked to read it, study it, understand it, and most importantly live it so that the truth of God's word would change us from the inside out.

I'm no longer content to just go through the motions. Are you? If you are not already living a life sold out to Christ, what will it take? What will motivate you to step out and do something radical for Christ, to turn your world upside down with a life lived in a way that only God can achieve, to trust Him to truly make you into His image. Are you ready? I am! Let's get real!!!

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