Saturday, July 24, 2010

God is up to something

Some weeks ago I read a Facebook post that simply said, "I don't know who this is for but God said, "Be still but be ready." It spoke to me immediately.

If you've ever struggled with God...then you know what it is to realize that the struggle really isn't even with God, the struggle is with yourself. We know what God has called us to do, but we might be afraid, uncomfortable, or just not want to follow. And therein lies the conflict and thus our flesh (what we want to do) collides with the Spirit (what God is directing us to do).

Several months ago I made a very big decision. I had no idea of what God was doing, but I had peace. Later, I began to doubt and second-guess, and wanted to go back. But I kept hearing God say, "Be still." So in obedience, I was still.

Then came the post, and I felt Him saying, "Daughter, I'm up to something. I am moving. I am work" And in those words, "Be still, but be ready," I heard my Father's voice. Yet the internal struggle continued. Then God spoke to be me through a children's book, reminding me of the story of Lot's wife...I was fortitified. "Don't look back!"

Friday, God gave me a glimpse of what He's up to. I met a phenomonel woman of God, who has such a passion for children...the same heart for God that I have when it comes to people. She has such a beautiful spirit, and lives her life to please God.

In meeting her, I understood. My heart rejoiced to see His plan unfolding, to see the confirmation of what He had said to me almost a year ago. If God is telling you to "be still," be obedient. He's up to something.

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