Friday, August 27, 2010

Skip the Apple a Day

Have you ever had a conversation that you knew absolutely was a God-thing? I have, and most recently it was with my doctor.

Amid talk of cholesterol numbers (mine are excellent) and body mass index (need to work on that), my doctor and I started talking about God's faithfulness in our lives.

We have both been through some very dark times in our lives, but we shared a common faith. As we sat there surrounded by the exam table, cotton swabs, old magazines, we opened up about our inability to pray, our anger at God, our yearning to find peace and healing.

As sisters in Christ, we encouraged one another and testified of seeing God's divine plan come to fulfillment in our lives. We marveled at the lessons we learned and the strenghth brought to our faith, after going through a time in life when God was truly the only place to turn.

If you are going through, know that God sees you, that He hears your cries, that He sees your tears, that He feels your pain. More importantly, He is with you. Ask Him to give you peace, to feel His presence, to know His will. You will make it. As desperate as you feel, there is hope.

After quite some time, we realized that she had other patients to see. We connected. It was a WOW moment.

I'm glad I had to see my doctor that day. She blessed me, and I hope our encounter encouraged her as well. God does that. He arranges these routine things in our lives that turn into extraordinary acts of God's intervention...reminders that He loves us, and our hearts are knit together as His children.

So don't skip out on your doctor, not just for your physical well being, but for your spiritual health as well. There may be a blessing there for you.

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