Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Be strong and courageous

I leave on Friday for my missions trip to Haiti. I am excited about the opportunity and have been overwhelmed by God's provision and the generosity of those who have supported this dream.

I was blown away by Gardenside Baptist Church when their AWANA program undertook a campaign to buy books to give to kids in Haiti free of charge. These kids did chores, collected spare change, and whatever else came to their minds to meet their personal goal of how many books they wanted to donate. I attended their closing ceremony at which time they were going to present the check. I was expecting maybe $200 since the kids had been so enthusiastic when I came to talk to them about the project. I could not believe what I saw when they presented me a check for nearly $1800. That bought 250 books for our Haiti project, more than we had collected during the whole campaign. So we now have nearly 500 books to donate. To God be the Glory for great things He has done!
Then as I was sending out my support letters, I learned that I was short some of the funds and I was at the deadline for sending in everything. So I texted everyone in my phone that I thought might help out, and emailed family and friends that I hoped would support and with one text Pastor Gaines from Consolidated Baptist Church basically said, "We got you. It's taken care of." I was again floored by God's provision and was reminded of something Pastor Gaines always teaches, "Where God guides, He will provide." And as if God needed to show off a little bit more, the ladies sewing ministry provided 100 hand-sewn dresses for me to take to the girls in the Children's Village.

But even more astonishingly, even after having secured the funds for the trip, friends and family continued to send support enabling me to buy items from the ministry Wish List, underwear and socks for the kids, shoes, and hair accessories, personal hygiene items to bless the staff.
God was walking with me each step of the way and reminding me that He would take care of the details. But in the middle of all of that I began to think about flying....which I absolutely loath.....I began to think of what might happen in a country that is not always that stable, I began to think about all the ministry work that I needed to do and deadlines that are approaching to launch children's ministry initiatives at work, and what it takes to put together a leadership team, and the challenges of working with different personalities and recruiting volunteers, and all of that. And so I found myself this morning on my knees crying out to God all of my fears and apprehensions, and concerns.....And I just said to Him, "Lord I need a word from you."

And I opened my devotional for the day and began to read. And then I got to the Scripture and knew God had answered my prayer immediately. It read,"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous." God said to Joshua. "Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9) And then as if to emphasis His point, after reading the devotional, I turned the page, and at the top it said, Jesus said, "Don't be afraid, just believe." (Mark 5:36)
So keep me in prayer....but I have my life verse now...."Be strong and courageous, I will be with you wherever you go." We truly do serve an AWESOME God, who never ceases to amaze, but is at the same time, personal and present. Thank you God!

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