Friday, October 18, 2013

Cross it off the list

I was just having this email exchange with my friend about how people see the world in terms of impacting others around them. Most of us are looking for some BIG way to make an impact, and that paralyzes us and we don't do anything. I'm suggesting that we do something smaller, and then we at least do something.

Well that conversation sparked me to sit down and write this post IMMEDIATELY! There was an urgency that came upon me in that moment. My friend and I went to Haiti this past summer. I am always blown away by the love and kindred spirit I feel with the people, especially the kids. It is a universal. Kids just want to be loved! But this trip I came back with two basic To Dos on my list.

Well you know what typically happens with these kinds of experiences. You get back and you are on a high, and you want to tell everybody about what you saw, and what you did, and how they can help, and all of that. And then life happens, and you fall back into the routine of just living your life, and all of those hopes, and dreams, and plans you had to make a difference, sort of keep getting pushed down on the list.

This is their classroom. You can help these kids.

 Well for me...NO MORE! The very first day we visited an orphanage where the kids' sleeping conditions were deplorable. Some of them had dirty old mattresses on basic bed frames, no sheets, no pillows that I recall. But they were fortunate, because there were so many kids in that orphanage (more than 20) that some of the kids had to sleep on the floor.

We just looked at each other in amazement. And the first thing we thought was, "I'm sure that we know 20 people who can donate a set of sheets so that these kids can at least have that." We both kept hoping to make some big corporate push at our churches to get some donation drive started, but that was the fuel for our email exchange.

We waste time trying to make the BIG appeal, when sometimes we can accomplish a BIG thing with little steps. So I know that I know 30 people through my blog, my Facebook page, my family. I checked and a twin sheet set is only $12. I am not even going to ask, "Will you consider?" Please donate $15, $30 if you can. I will make sure these sheets get to those kids that we visited this summer.

The second thing that struck us was a bit bigger, but still very doable when many folks come together. This orphanage director was struggling just to pay the rent, which was roughly $100 a month. (Keep in mind that the average person makes about $2 per day in Haiti.) We asked our translator a couple of times to repeat what he said, because we assumed that we had misunderstood. Yes, for just $1200 a WHOLE year, he could provide shelter to these children and keep them off the streets. I know in my job as a children's ministry director last year, for ONE event, we paid $1000 just for inflatables. So I know that we as churches, and we as individuals, can think more critically about how to use the resources that God has given us to make a lasting impact.

So that is my appeal today. Please give to get these sheets. That is simple. YOU CAN DO IT! If you have a little more and want to give toward the rent, let me know.

Yes, there are more than 350,000 orphans in Haiti....and yes they all have, clothing, shelter. And if you stop and think about that number, it can be daunting and you can begin to feel like what would one $12 pair of sheets do to make a difference? I am not asking you to change the lives of 350,000. I am asking you to make a difference in the lives of 30.

We CAN make a difference.

So I know my friends and family. You are I am expecting to be inundated with responses.

Love you all....

To Help Just send Check or Money Order:
Tina Bryson
2108 Walsh Ct.
Lexington, KY 40509
Memo line....sheets for Haiti

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