Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

My WOW Moment today really is something that happens almost every week. When I go to work out, I'm amazed at what a fascinating creation the human body is. I think I started thinking about this one day when I was mentally zoned out so that I could get through my cardio workout.

The Bible tells says of us in Psal 139:14 that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." The New Living Translation puts it this way, "Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex." That is what strikes complex the human body is.

Now, I know that we all learn about how the body works in health class, but have you ever really stopped to think about the skill and craftsmanship that went in to making you.

When I'm doing my workout I have to remember to hold in my abs, move my feet (without tripping over myself), do some kind of motion with my arms, and in all of this most of the time I have to remind myself to not hold my somewhere in there, I'm also breathing. But those are the things that I'm thinking about me....things that I'm aware of that my brain is communicating to my body to do.

But think of all of the things that my body does that I don't consciously tell it to do, and if I had to consciously tell it to do, I would have been dead a long time ago. Somewhere in that brain of mine my heart is being told to beat, my lungs are being told to process the oxygen and carbon monoxide reactions that are going on, my kidneys are doing there thing, blood is being pumped to my body, and lots of other stuff is going on that I could not even begin to enumerate that keeps this ole girl stepping.

So each time when I work out, I leave in awe of what God did when He created the human body. And then I also feel extremely blessed that I have the physical strength and ability to work out.

It is really the common, every day sort of things in our lives that God leaves His fingerprint, if we would take the time to look for His presence and His blessings in our lives.

So tomorrow it's Zumba! Yippee. Love it. And I will get the opportunity again to witness God's handiwork in the creation that He loves and has called by name. ME!

Psst....guess have the same opportunity. You are one of God's miracles as well, fearfully and wonderfully made. Just breathe that in and see the awesomenes that is you and then give thanks to God who made you.

Now that's a WOW Moment!

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