Friday, October 22, 2010

It's great to have true friends

For those who know me, you know that I'm not really into hair and makeup and all of that kind of stuff. It's just not my thing. Not that I don't like to dress up every now and's just that I need some help most times to pull it all together.

So since I was trying to get ready for my first TV interview to promote my new book, "10 Things Every Kid Should Know About God," I had already planned to go to the salon. My stylist did an awesome job, but that was on Thursday. All I had to do was maintain the hair do for one day.

Well, as has happened to me many times in the past, I just didn't even know where to begin when I got up. But I figured I would make it work somehow.
Fortunately, my stylist had also volunteered to do my makeup. When I showed up, I'm surprised my stylist didn't pass out in shock to see my do. But graciously, she whipped out her flat iron and fixed my curls right up. Then she did my makeup and had me looking like a STAR.

So what does this have to do with a WOW Moment. The fact that my stylist took 30 minutes to redo my hair and give me the best makeup job I'd ever had, while her two other clients waited patiently was a true blessing for me. The fact that my friend invested in me to help me put my best foot forward. WOW...It's great to have true friends.

Then I was off to the studio. The interview went well and I was grateful for the opportunity. Another friend helped put that in motion.

As I left the studio, I went over and over the interview in my mind. I should have said that. Why didn't I add on and so forth.

But then I walked in the door, and saw the light on the answering machine blinking. A message of encouragement from a friend about the interview. Plus, a message on Facebook and an e-mail message. I needed that encouragement. I different perspective.

So my WOW Moment for today was an attitude of gratefulness for the wonderful, life-affirming, encouraging, uplifiting people in my life that I have the privilege of calling friends.

If you have those kind of friends, let them know what they mean to you and take the time to say a prayer and thank God for the friends He has placed in your life.

PHOTO CAPTION: My stylist, Tijuana, and me

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